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Innovate in your core business requires ingenuity, creativity and organization. Sometimes you have to solve an immediate need and anticipate the next evolution. With an experience of many years, Aboiron & Associates offers a response to conquer your market, optimize your organization and develop your performance. Our mission: connect innovations to markets.

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As advisor on business strategy, we define your business, your target, your skills to build a strategy that will allow you to maintain your competitive advantage. When a consultant comes to your business, he or she builds your strategy as its own.

Business Intelligence

The constant evolution of technology, information and businesses, pushes organizations to maintain an active level of innovation. Understanding of technological and organizational changes requires constant adaptation of organizations. Information and Big Data are essential to achieve strategic objectives.

Executive Education

We believe that the growth, performance and future of organizations go through Education investments. It serves to reinforce existing skills, but also to create new ones while motivating employees on new challenges. An organization investing in education and training gives a strong image of dynamism and future oriented structure.

We got 99 Problemsbut Strategy 'aint one

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    Trading App

    An application for personal trading. The analyzes are produced by an algorithm invented by Jérémie Aboiron in 2013. Updated every 20 minutes. You can: view advices, follow news and sign up for training for special rates.

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    Strategy Analysis WebApp

    This app has emerged to help SMEs on their strategic diagnosis, analysis and improve their strategic decision making. New modules are added regularly to enhance the quality and relevance of the analysis.

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    With a successful experience in government, we know how to calculate the overall cost of absenteeism, anticipate trends in years and analyze its causes for change management.

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